• CRC–Child Rights Protection

    We plan and implement projects that respect the human rights of children based on our unchanging belief in human dignity, under the principle of faithfully fulfilling the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

  • Network

    We stimulate our projects and expand our network by mobilizing the human and material resources of communities in field countries, encouraging them to actively engage in our projects as an organized group of volunteers, partners, and community committees.

  • Advocacy

    We conduct advocacy projects, such as campaigns, government policies, and seminars to promote our projects and raise awareness of governments or the general public as part of citizenship education.


Community Development Project Good Neighbors is conducting Communi-ty Development Projects(CDP) to create an environment where children are able to grow up healthy and their rights are pro-tected. Good Neighbors' expertise in edu-cation., child protection, health, water and sanitation, income generation, child rights advocacy, and community partnerships engenders change in communities and strengthens their self-reliance.

Good Neighbors pursues the sustainable development of communities through em- Income powerment, leadership, ownership and Generation harmony with their environment.

  • Humanitarian Assistance

    Good Neighbors implements emergency relief activities where urgent help is necessary due to disasters and conflicts. After the emergency relief activities we establish a long-term plan for the sustainable development of the local community.

  • Social Enterprise

    Good Neighbors supports to incubate and manage social enterprises in order to maximize social impact in agriculture, food security, energy and WASH (Water And Sanitation, Hygiene), and other areas with its ultimate goal in sustainable development. We promote social enterprises to be sustainably proitable as well as to create social value in the local community.

  • Partnership

    Good Neighbors works in cooperation withour partners including UN World Food Program ( UN WFP ), UN Capital Development Fund ( UNCDF ) and other aid agencies to improve effectiveness and expertise of programs in the field countries.